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Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Patricia

My sister Patricia is having a birthday today. I remember one special birthday that she had for us. The summer she got her first job, at Dart In, she received her first check shortly before her birthday, and went shopping. Who knew what she was doing. But on her birthday she presented us all with gifts. What a giving heart.
She still has that today always caring for others. I don't remember the gift she gave me but I do remember how special I felt. She has always taken such care to listen and watch my children, learning their interests and then purchasing them just the perfect gifts. And even after having surgery on Friday a belated birthday card arrived today for Daniel with a gift card to go get that special something.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICIA --I hope your day is wonderful and you are up and around soon.

Love you!


  1. You are so sweet!! Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!I love my sisters and brother so much!!

  2. Marie Christopher6/8/11, 7:31 AM

    I have such great sisters!

  3. I love my sisters and bother,too. Marie your birthday is coming up really soon. Have to decide on a favorite memory about you. HUMMM! What will it be?