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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Babies in Heaven

Just having memories of babies that are now in Heaven. My dear friend is reminiscing about her twin boys born 24 years ago today. They went to Heaven a few hours after being born. My first baby in Heaven was born very prematurely 20 years ago early this month. Some would have called it a miscarriage, others an spontaneous abortion (I hate that word) I held my precious 7 week baby in my hand. I mourned, rejoiced and buried my baby in a small jewelry box. But don't be sad. He is in Heaven and being loved by his grandmas and Jesus. My second baby in Heaven, who Katherine thinks is a girl, would be 6 later this year. Babies who others may think of as unimportant were and are cherished by our family. We do remember. Love you Jeanne, we will see our babies in Heaven someday and rejoice!


  1. What a wonderful lady you are Nita and a true inspiration to so many. I am blessed to call you friend.

  2. I can relate, having my own baby in heaven. Would have been my oldest had the baby been born late in 1987.

  3. July is a bittersweet month for us, too. Two of our babies in heaven were born in July. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. You are indeed a wonderful person.

  4. Miki would have 14 year old twins as well as her three. Nevertheless, I feel we have truly been blessed!