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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Mom's Birth

We always loved hearing about my moms birth and the little miracle that grew up to be our mom.
Mom, Edith Bingham Howell was born on March 20, 1921. She was the 7th of 15 children, her twin sister Edna Bingham Smith was number 8. The twins weighed only about 2 pounds each and were born at home. They were not taken to a hospital but kept at home. Their beds were shoe boxes placed on the back of a warm stove. They were so small that they couldn't nurse so they were fed what was called "sugar tits". Grandma and Grandpa would take his handkerchiefs and put sugar in the middle and then tie them up really tight and dip them in lukewarm tea. They would suck on these for nourishment. No wonder my mom liked sweets and tea. Both ladies lived into their eighties. Amazing what God had planned with these two!

The day I was born my mom was craving chocolate pie so my grandma made two. My mom said she ate one and a half of the pies, not pieces, but pies. No wonder I like chocolate ;-)


  1. Such a blessing that they survived back then. God had special plans for them.

  2. I think I had a bite of one of those pies.