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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Beginning

Attending my Aunt Lenora's funeral this past week brought back many memories. Aunt Lenora was my mama's older sister. She was 92 and the 6th of 15 children. We enjoyed visiting with family and sharing memories of not only Aunt Lenora but other family members as well. I begin thinking-Isn't it finally time to start writing down all those memories?
As Don and I were traveling down to the valley we were visiting in the car with the kids. I didn't travel with my mom (child number 7) to visit her family when she would get a chance to visit. But I remember her bringing back wonderful things. On one trip she brought back huge lemons. They were as big as oranges and grapefruits. My family wasn't sure whether to believe me or not. I begin to question my memory. So thought I'd go to the source. As the story went the large lemons came from Aunt Edna's (she was number 8) back yard. Aunt Edna passed away in 2002 but my cousin Ricky said "oh yes". They are called Ponderosa Lemons and they had a tree in the back yard in town and one out on the farm. So I did remember the lemons correctly and would love to have one today to slice up and put in a glass of ice cold water.
There are a lot more memories of mine and my mommy's to come!


  1. Nita, welcome to the blogosphere! Love you, big sister, and loved your mama!!! (And lemons, love lemons, too.) :D

  2. Nita... thanks for bringing memories flooding back to me this morning! My Aunt Marion & Uncle Elmer lived in Lyford, a little town 4 miles south of Raymondville. I have fond memories of going with my parents to visit them....gazing with wonder at the long lines of palm trees... stopping at fruit stands to get fruit and going to different places to pick oranges ourselves. And YES, huge lemons. My uncle's brother had a tree in his backyard that produced giant ones!

  3. We did stop at a fruit stand near Robstown and bought some wonderfully tasty fruit we are enjoying: juicy melons, sweet oranges, black diamond watermelon, and yummy cantaloup.

  4. I remember Aunt Edna and Rickey bringing a sack of grapefruit once and I cut into one and realized it was a lemon!! It was very good and still sweet so I hate it anyway and it was very juicy and good!! Edna and Lenora were both very good to me and provided most if not all of my school clothes for a while. If it weren't for them and Audrey's hand-me-downs , I don't know what I would have worn to school!

  5. Attn: Tespub, we had uncles, aunts, and cousins living in Lyford.
    Sisters, while I was visiting with Rickey last week, she took me to the gravesites for the family and on the back roads to see where they all used to live. Granny Bingham's place is just a field now.
    Also, we went to Harlingen and did some shopping on Jackson Street - antiques! And yes I did spend money.
    I was able to visit with our cousin, Jimmy. He and Jerry look so much alike. I took his picture and will share it with you.

  6. Welcome to the blogsphere! I'm looking forward to "hearing" your memories. Who knows maybe it will spur me to put some on my blog.